Thursday, 27 October 2011

hai peeps!!!!

Wahhh agak lm x update my blog!!!!!
Sori la frens if i lm x quite bz lately :-D
Ini pun udeng yg bising nape dh lm aku x hupsate blog..hege
x tau la camne blogger2 tu bole hebat hupdate cite die hari2
actually it same goes to hupdate db fb sll hupdate maybe one
of the reason yg ramai frens akan komen kot..
Kat blog kawan pun sket je br yg everyone out there di follow me k!!!

Diam x diam dah hmpir 6 bulan kami n LK, but seriously sedih coz
last month i mcm expecting coz 2 month x dtg period but then xde ape2 pun..
both of us cam mengharap coz bile cek sndr mmg pregnant(faint line)
but then went to the doctor its said its (-) :'(
Its okla coz the doc also said we just getting married..we shud be happy n
content with our life first..we shud appreciate being together b4 the lil' one comes
into our life..hopefully soon!!! Pray hard for us k!!!aminnnn!!

P/S: this week we'll celebrating Puan Hendon birthday at Melaka..
Bbq n hang out with happy withy life rite now..
hopefully it will last forever

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